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Since Marc was hired to work with our guys, we have seen a large improvement. Not just with getting stronger, but also flexibility and injury prevention. Marc brings professionalism; our workout programs are so detailed, and no stone is left unturned. The respect he commands and his accessibility to our guys makes it a great atmosphere to be around. He has taken our guys who are college athletes and supposed to be best of the best, and has made them better by pushing them to levels they never knew they had, while also being there for them along the way. You can truly see he cares and wants everyone to get better and reach new heights. No guy is treated differently and all feel just as important as the other. There is no one else we as a staff and the players would want.

Jason Adams

Associate head coach, Rutgers University

Yes. Bucc has helped me so much after my surgery. He helped me get back to myself, and even stronger after reconstructive knee surgery. He is the greatest trainer around and an even better person.


Marc brought my game to a whole other level. I am suddenly stronger and faster. Ever since I started training I have been getting stronger. Marc’s training works.

Keller Jacobs

I began training with Marc six weeks after giving birth to my second child. He helped me not only lose my baby weight and then some, but helped me to define and tighten my trouble areas. It has been two and a half months and my strength and endurance is better than before I was pregnant.


Marc has changed my life both physically and emotionally. I received unfortunate news in regards to my health. With Marc’s dedication and help, my condition is getting much better and I feel and look wonderful! Thank you Marc!


Marc is awesome. He takes care to learn your specific needs and designs your workout to fit you. I have chronic issues from a back injury and Marc focuses on exactly what I need. I always feel great after a workout!

Will Nardozzi

Marc is a stud when it comes to learning and training. I’ve been training athletes for 15 years and everything from his education to his constant learning gives him amazing tools to better any client and make any athlete a beast.

Joel Ruegg