OTM Training


Corporate Wellness

“My staff is so much more productive on the days we train with OTMT.  The energy is evident.”

Gary Morris

CEO/COO Rampart Insurance

“What I love about OTM, and its trainers is that they know how to motivate just about anyone regardless of their fitness level. OTM customized a monthly workout schedule that took into consideration our employees’ availability while balancing the needs of the organization.  I would have no hesitation in recommending OTM as your company’s personal trainer to improve fitness, increase productivity, and improve the culture of the company.  An amazing benefit and a great experience!”


HR DirectorJericho, New York

Rehab / Recovery Wellness

“We truly appreciate and value the work you and the OTM team are providing.”

Andrew D.

CEO Wellbridge Addiction Treatment & Research

“Implementing OTM each morning truly motivated me to get the day started right. It was the driving force for recovery.”


Each morning I trained with OTM for an entire month. I have been sober the last 14 months. Marc and his team can work ALL levels of physical fitness capabilities.I believe their hands on touch to work with everyone at each stage of their recovery is critical.


“I am doing great and have been 9 months sober. A huge reason for the success has been OTM and the dynamic they brought to Wellbridge”


Assisted Living Wellness

“I am thinking better, acting better, my circulation is better and my overall well being is better!”


St. Regis Resident

“The class is fun and really helps with my balance”


“The classes are a great time and I see my balance improving.”


“Classes are entertaining and my balance has definitely gotten better! “


Residential Luxury Wellness

On The Marc Training has been a fantastic partner in bringing on-site wellness and training to The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Philadelphia. Through the convenience of OTM’s app, Residents can easily view and register for classes. The feedback on the classes has been nothing but positive, including comments that they serve as a great opportunity for residents to connect with their neighbors in addition to getting healthy.

Additionally, their knowledge and professionalism serve as a perfect extension to The Ritz-Carlton brand and culture. They are creating unique and memorable experiences for our Residents with every class they conduct. We could not be happier with our decision to partner with OTM Training

Thomas M.

Assistant General Manager