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Self Insured or Fully Insured, we can provide a healthcare culture

We relate to your employees through fitness and wellbeing. Let us help reduce employee burnout, retain employees and increase ROI through our Fitness Incentive Programs that caters to every employee’s fitness level.

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Qualified & Knowledgeable Instructors

Giving you a wellness program that caters to companies of all sizes and varying highly certified Instructors that possess expertise and in-depth knowledge in their respective fields to enhance your fitness journeys and give you an experience to remember.

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Company code is provided to your exclusive company to allow users in the app. Inspire and encourage the entire household by allowing our code and services to be shared among the whole family.

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Become one at the workplace- community

Personalized monthly corporate challenges that keep your employees engaged and build team morale and wellbeing. Specific challenges cater to employees and colleagues to develop stronger relationships, enhance communication, and improve collaboration

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Easy Implementation & Navigation

Accessible and easy implementation includes a step by step process on downloading the app and assisting sign ups. OTM Training is found globally in the IOS & Android store.

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