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Our Philosophy

In-home fitness training is a growing industry, and we’re taking things up several notches with our unique methodology. Unlike competitors who are all about bulking up and body-building, we believe in a whole-body, whole-health system. We focus on 360 degrees of fitness to ensure clients are more than just satisfied with their training — they’re energized.

High-Demand for Home Fitness:

This industry is set to explode with more and more people opting for in-home training. When you franchise with OTMT, you get to meet the huge demand for our services, build a recurring customer base and help people stay fit.

Our Whole-Health Model Makes It Work:

We’ve developed a comprehensive system for whole body wellness, offering 365 days of workouts pre-designed for our franchisees to build on. That gives you the tools you need to keep your clients coming back.

360 Degrees of Fitness:

No matter who we’re training, we take a comprehensive approach, emphasizing speed and strength as well as longevity and injury prevention. We care about our clients, so it’s not enough for us to just get them into shape. We want to teach them, especially young athletes, how to maintain that shape, avoid injury and get the most out of their fitness experience.

Functional Movements Systems (FMS):

Our founders are certified FMS trainers, making them experts at helping clients identify their movement patterns, access their own abilities and work out in ways that will maximize results. Those ideas are at the core of everything we do as trainers, and we’ll help you learn to implement our full-body, whole-health approach to fitness.