Whitestone mobile gym brings daily workouts right to the people

Whitestone mobile gym brings daily workouts right to the people

On The Marc Training (OTMT), founded by Whitestone native Marc Buccellato and his wife Monique, has a fleet of vans and a staff of trainers and health specialists revolutionizing the way people experience the gym.

After graduating from Rutgers, Marc Buccellato began coaching a youth hockey team. Working out of his Nissan Altima, Buccellato began training individual team members outside of scheduled practice. He would go to their house for private training sessions, and the athletes started seeing results on the ice. They started telling their friends, and the mobile training program took root.

Soon, Buccellato was doing private workouts with a multitude of hockey players, not just members of his team.

Buccellato saw a business opportunity. “If [we] bring the gym to your house, there’s no excuse. All the motivation comes with it,” Buccellato said. Rather than clients dragging themselves out of bed and driving to a physical location, OTMT packs up all the equipment and drives right up to the client’s driveways. It’s a lot easier to walk to the front door than drive to the gym.

To gain knowledge of the fitness industry, Buccellato studied at the three best gyms in the United States. It was on this circuit that he met his wife, Monique, a former All-American gymnast at UCLA. One thing led to another, and Buccellato was explaining his business idea to her. “I thought it was a great idea,” she said. “And [now] people really enjoy it.”

Buccellato moved back to Queens in 2013, and Monique followed in 2014. She told him he should start using vans instead of his Altima, a small, four-door sedan. Today, OTMT has five vans in its growing service.

An average day with OTMT is jam-packed with fitness. From 4 to 7 a.m., trainers work out with the business people who need to get out to Manhattan. Once kids start getting dropped off at school, trainers work out with parents. Seniors have workouts from noon to 2 p.m., and from 2 to 10 p.m., it’s nonstop for student-athletes.

OTMT’s trainers have all the equipment they need in the van. They unload the equipment needed for the client’s workout and carry it to the desired exercise space, whether that be someone’s backyard or their basement.

With personal trainers, a yoga instructor, a masseuse, a stretching specialist, and a dietician, OTMT offers people the chance to achieve fitness on their terms. OTMT has plans in place to add pilates instructors and physical therapists in 2019, helping them reach as many people as possible.

“It’s not just about the training, we truly connect with the client and want to see them succeed, even if they aren’t with OTMT anymore or in New York anymore. [We’re] not just there for OTMT, we’re about helping people,” Monique Buccellato said.

Health and wellness aren’t all OTMT is bringing to people’s doorsteps, they’re bringing a personal touch.

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Elite Fitness To Your Front Door

Elite Fitness To Your Front Door

Marc Buccellato is no stranger to the fitness industry. From a young age, his love for fitness shined through and has motivated him to create a mobile training company that is second to none. Marc started weightlifting and training when he was only 13 years old and never stopped reaching for his dream of someday becoming an entrepreneur and working for himself. With a degree in Exercise Science from Rutgers University and a strong family support system behind him, the road of opportunity was endless and ready for Buccellato to take his self-motivation and industry training to the finish line.

After mentoring with the top three gyms in the world, Buccellato took everything he learned over the years and meshed the various philosophies into his own. In 2013, On the Marc Training was born and his journey was about to begin on a long stretch of road that would give him the ability to help people reach their fitness goals from the convenience of their own home.

On The Marc Training is revolutionizing the fitness industry with a cutting-edge concept of mobile training that offers a unique way for people of all ages to get fit and healthy. With four mobile vans and five certified personal trainers on hand, along with a massage therapist, stretching specialist, yoga instructor, and a registered dietitian, clients can literally have any type of service available to them without leaving their house. The company has taken mobile fitness to a new level and developed a mobile training program that brings all equipment and staff to a client’s front door.

“The biggest challenge that most people face is allotting time in their busy schedules to actually workout and drive to a gym,” states CEO Buccellato. “We saw there was a huge niche for mobile training on the North Shore of Long Island and came up with the concept of bringing the gym to them.”

On The Marc Training offers clients customized programs that include youth fitness, senior fitness, and sports performance training. Most clients can book their appointments online every Sunday from the convenience of their computer or mobile phone using the company’s app OTMT Elite Health, making it extremely easy for people to get in the best shape of their life.

“The biggest joy of being the CEO of a mobile training company is being able to interact with different types of people on a daily basis and learn what motivates each person, and how to help people lose weight and achieve their health and fitness goals,” states Buccellato. “Seeing a happy client and getting a new referral is our greatest form of accomplishment.”

By offering a long-term customizable fitness program to their clients along with a nutritious diet, On The Marc Training gives clients the ability to create a better life for themselves and their families. It’s all about helping people achieve their goals, not only with a workout schedule but a healthy diet. The biggest obstacle most people face that prevents them from achieving a healthy lifestyle is typically food and not eating right. Buccellato and his team are on hand to help guide clients nutritionally on what to include in their diet and what to eliminate.

Today, more and more people are on the go and too busy to take care of their health. With so many studies showing the benefits of exercise and how it can prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, and other health ailments, people need guidance on how to get on a health regimen that works for them. With On the Marc Training on your team, clients can rest easy knowing that they are getting a personalized training program that is customized to their specific needs.

“I began training with On The Marc Training six weeks after giving birth to my second child. The staff helped me not only lose my baby weight and then some but helped me to define and tighten my trouble areas. It has been two and a half months and my strength and endurance is better than before I was pregnant,” states Lori, an adult fitness client of OTMT.

“On The Marc Training has been training my 11-year-old son who plays on a travel hockey team. The staff’s focus on conditioning and hand-eye coordination have dramatically changed his game. He is stronger, quicker, and more confident,” states Sharone, mom of a youth fitness client of OTMT.

“I assumed that approaching the early eighties was going to be a time marked by falls, isolation, and boredom. I was wrong. I train with Marc and his staff three times a week and found myself focused and taking strides forward in my everyday life. They have helped me conquer my fears by devoting their energy to helping me make my daily life a bit easier,” states Eric, a senior fitness client of OTMT.

The company continues to stay ahead of the curve and is taking the high road in helping people across Long Island reach their fitness goals. Future plans for the business include expanding into Manhattan and the Hamptons and continuing to work with people in the North Shore communities on Long Island. Buccellato truly enjoys meeting new people daily and exploring new areas on Long Island to carry out the company mission of helping people become the best they can be and achieve their long-term fitness goals seamlessly.

For more information, visit www.onthemarctraining.com or contact On The Marc Training for a free consultation at 917-842-0044 or www.onthemarctraining@gmail.com.

Elite Fitness To Your Front Door