OTM Training



This industry is set to explode with more and more people opting for in-home training, and our private personal trainers utilize a science-backed approach. We are prepared and ready to get you the results that you want. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, most consumers prefer working out at home compared to a gym. Thankfully, OTMT makes it easy to get a personal fitness trainer at home or in the office.


Our founders are certified FMS trainers, making them experts at helping clients identify their movement patterns, access their own abilities, and work out in ways that will maximize results. Those ideas are at the core of everything we do as trainers, and we’ll help you learn to implement our full-body, whole-health approach to fitness.


No matter who we’re training, we take a comprehensive approach, emphasizing speed and strength as well as longevity and injury prevention. We care about our clients, so it’s not enough for us to just get them into shape. We want to teach them, especially young athletes, how to maintain that shape, avoid injury and get the most out of their fitness experience.


Get More Out of Your Workout

Perhaps most importantly, our philosophy revolves around one idea — people deserve to get the most out of their workouts. That’s why we specialize in offering private workouts with personal fitness trainers who put your needs first. No matter your situation, no matter your goals, we’re ready to lend a helping hand. Need help on your fitness journey? Reach out to OTMT now to schedule a free consultation in your home or office.