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Our Mission

On The Marc Training Mission

OTMT Mission:

Committed to making fitness convenient nationwide!

OTMT Core Objectives:

  • We Put YOU First
  • We Provide a Safe Environment
  • We Communicate
  • We Have Fun
  • We Pursue Quality With Honor
  • We Promote A Healthy Lifestyle
  • We Help You Develop Good Habits
  • We Have Positive, Educated, Caring Staff
  • We Employ CNP (Certified Nice People)

Our Facility

Wherever you are! Our On the Marc Vans are equipped with state of the art equipment provide to you from Perform Better. Each van consist of the best equipment to help you maintain an elite level of health.


Training: Bands, Tubing, Balance & Stabilization Equipment, Bodyweight Training Equipment, Flexibility, Stretching & Recovery Tools, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Training Ropes, Medicine Balls, Plyometric Equipment, Weight Lifting Equipment, Speed & Agility Equipment, Sports Specific Equipment, R.O.M., and Rehab Tools.
Pilates: Mats, Rings, Bands, Blocks, Val Slides
Yoga: Mats, Rings, Blocks
Massage Therapy: Massage Table, Massage Oils
Nutrition: Customized Nutrition Plans
Fascial Stretch Therapy: Custom Stretch Table, Trigger Point mechanisms

Employment with On The Marc Training

At OTMT, we believe in hiring CNP (Certified Nice People) we learned this philosophy from Legendary Strength Coach Mike Boyle. If you wish to apply to be apart of our Team contact us here!